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History of Clinton Sease Farm


Armand and Roselyn Sease bought 20 acres in 1940. They built their home, while working on Armand’s father’s farm. Two years later they moved into their new home and started Armand C. Sease Farm.


Sweet potatoes and peas were the main crops. The farm was fairly well self-sustaining. Meat came from the livestock they raised and Roselyn had a garden and canned vegetables for the winter. The extra cream and eggs were sold to customers they had in Columbia.


Collard greens, mustard and turnip greens were then added and quickly became the main source of income. In the early 60’s, a buyer at the Winn Dixie warehouse, encouraged Armand to grow green onions. With much experimentation, this grew from a spring crop to a year round crop for the farm.


 In 1970 Clinton, Armand and Roselyn's son, married Shirley and they became very active in the farm. In 1978 Clinton and Shirley took over ownership of the farm. Greens and green onions continued to be the main focus.


In 2004 Carrie, Clinton and Shirley's youngest daughter, encouraged them to diversify by adding a corn maze. Each year new attractions are added that bring visitors to the farm.

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